Garden Grad Series: Joy Liu

Our dedicated alumni are as busy after they leave their training to launch into professional careers as they were becoming a certified yoga teacher…Where Are They Now? is a recurring feature that offers a glimpse into life after graduation from our yoga teacher training programs. We will learn about what they’re doing out in the world as well as their reflections on their time here at Yoga Garden SF. This alumni series aims to preserve the bonds formed during training in a net cast wide around the globe.

Each month we will feature a YGSF alumni student, giving you a glimpse of life after graduation. This month we are proud to feature Singapore native and graduate…Joy Liu! 

I was one of the 13 students who graduated from the YGSF 2014 Fall Immersion teacher’s training. It was truly an amazing experience and I want to thank all the teachers who have selflessly offered their knowledge to us. When I signed up for the program, my initial intention was really to deepen my practice and understand more about the philosophy about Yoga. So, when I was told to stand in front of the class and try teaching, I almost freaked out. I forgot that I am supposed to learn how to teach! However, my peers and teachers were very encouraging. We even had a little ‘after school’ program to practice teaching one another.

Soon after my 200Hr program, I decided that this is a journey I would love to pursue. But I am still not confident to teach publicly. Yearning for more knowledge, I enrolled for the 300Hr Advanced teacher’s training. And during this period, I would attend classes frequently, draw sequences and practiced at home. Once again, my teachers were wonderful souls who have provided me with so much information and tools. After my completion of the 300hr teachers’s training, I relocated back to Singapore.

After a week of arrival and settling in, I started mass sending my resume to almost every studio in Singapore. There was only one that replied and requested for an audition. I met up with the boss, taught him a 10min sequence (which I practiced a lot at home prior the interview, including mirroring too), and he offered me a few classes to sub. I said Yes! Subsequently, I started to take on whatever I could and honestly, it was rather intense and tiring. But each time I teach, I would learn a little more about my students a.k.a different types of bodies, conditions, energy levels etc.

A few months later I was offered a full time position at Yoga Inc. in Singapore – I began as a student and will always be a student. I continue to practice with fellow teachers, watch videos online for sequencing inspiration and read whenever I can.

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