Give Thanks on All Thanksgiving Day Classes: Schedule and Benefit


Give thanks at the start of your Thanksgiving Day with Yoga Garden!

Join us this year as we do something special to show our appreciation for a special philanthropist and long-time student of YGSF, Doug Tilden.

Last year, Doug and his family opened a center called the Tilden Keller Community Center right outside of Delhi, India. They opened the center with Children International in the Bawana slum colony where more than 9,000 families have been packed into 5 blocks of space between 2000 and 2004. The families were initially evicted from their Central Delhi homes to make room for urban development. Due to the 20 miles of displacement, however, many families have been cut off from their only means of livelihood and unable to earn a living.

This center acts as a place of refuge for the 1,600 kids sponsored in the colony and is well on the way to supporting 3,000. To learn more about the Tilden Keller Community Center, click here.

Keep reading to hear what you can do to contribute on Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving Day we will be offering three different benefit classes and are happy to say that 100% of all donations will go directly to the families. All three classes are donation-only classes, each focused on a different message. We value the work that Doug is doing and love that he is part of our community so please join us as we show support for a community of his in need, in Bawana, India. To reserve your spot online and view the class descriptions of each, click here.


Thanksgiving Class Schedule:

Farmbox SF Joins in Giving

In the spirit of giving, FarmBox SF will also be donating. One pound of fresh fruit will go to every attendee in a Thanksgiving benefit class. You can order all of your Thanksgiving produce through FarmBox and receive a 5% lifetime YGSF discount. Order online by Thanksgiving and 50% of the proceeds will go to Children International.

Benefit classes exclude Mysore practice.

Click here to sign-up online.

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