Healing Arts Fertility Workshop: Yoga & Art Therapy

Embarking on the journey of conceiving can be an exciting and joyful time. It may also be very stressful and emotional, especially if you are facing difficulties conceiving. This workshop is ideal for students in the process of conceiving or for those coping with the loss of miscarriage or other complications around conceiving.

 At a time when we need to be most connected with our bodies, it is so easy to become separated from ourselves and permit stress, fear, and grief to overwhelm us. Diverse healing arts, like yoga and art therapy, allow you to reconnect with your body, breath and spirit and help heal and open your heart to the family that you desire.The workshop will begin with a gentle and restorative yoga practice and will be combined with mindfulness meditation, breath practices, and guided imagery. Postures will focus on increasing blood flow and energy to the reproductive organs, balancing the delicate hormonal system, relaxing and healing the mind and heart in preparation for baby.The yoga practice will be followed by an art therapy session with a licensed Creative Arts Therapist. In this session, information on art therapy will be provided and students will be guided to access their own creative abilities through art. This powerful tool helps us acknowledge and tap into both hidden and known emotions and feelings. All art supplies are included.This workshop is ideal for students thinking about conceiving, in the process of trying to conceive, either naturally, through IVF, or other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), and for those coping with the loss of miscarriage or other complications around conceiving. Partners are welcome to attend.

Workshop Info:

Date: August 9th 1:00PM-4:00PM

Instructor: Nicole Cavales
Tuition is $75 or $65 before July 26th.

Tuition for couples is $130 per couple or $115 before July 26th.

If you are registering as a couple, please select the couples pricing option and email Cynthia Koch, at Cynthia@folksf.com with the name of your partner.

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