Heather’s Insights on Livestream Teacher Training

Do you miss sweet Heather singing, dancing, and greeting you at Yoga Garden SF? We do too! She is still very much a part of the Yoga Garden SF family, taking classes and finishing her 200 hour teacher training this weekend! We took some time to connect and to hear how it’s all been going. Here’s what she had to say:

What has been your experience with the Yoga Garden SF Livestream 200 Hour Teacher Training?

I’m so happy we have the option to do this! I feel everyone’s adjusted really well to this transition. The teachers have been great: they still provide adjustments, give suggestions for what we could improvise for props, how to use our space, and overall just offer their support as teachers and as people who are also self-isolating.

One added benefit of transitioning to livestream is that it’s easier to focus when I’m teaching someone. When we split up into break out rooms, it’s just me and another student, and it feels like there’s a greater degree of connection and privacy (as compared to when we would all teach in person).

Doing the training from home also challenges me to get more creative with my space, and with the space the student is using. Even though I hadn’t considered teaching online previously, this training has given me a lot of perspective on what it takes to do so successfully.

Knowing that I have TT helps to give me a schedule I can stick to, and goals that I can work towards! I mostly know which day is which because of TT 😀

What has it meant to you to have the Yoga Garden SF training Livestreamed to your home during this time of isolation?

I can’t express how grateful I am to stay connected to my YTT community! Using Zoom, we’ve been able to have the same meaningful and productive conversations as if we were in person. Both the other students as well as the teachers have been so supportive of me and each other during this time <3 There’s also an added level of comfort from being able to connect with everyone from my home, knowing that we’re keeping each other healthy and safe by maintaining distance.

How has your yoga practice served you during this time of uncertainty?

My yoga practice has been an anchor for me! One of the secret blessings of this time is that I have plenty of time to practice yoga, and I can finally take YG classes that normally I wouldn’t be able to attend. I take a class most mornings so that I can start my day from a grounded place and with my community 🙂

Have you been thinking about teacher training, but haven’t had the time?

Now’s your chance! We are offering the April Extended and May Immersion programs fully remote. Stay connected to community, deepen your practice, and heal the world.”

April Extended        May Immersion