Help Neighbor Jake Recover!

Help Jake find a new normal, in SanFran!

Help neighbor Jake from Souvenir Coffee find a new normal post car accident. All donations will go towards medical bills and helping him return to the Bay pursuing his many dreams.

The content below has been copied from Jake’s GoFundMe donation page.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and hear Jake’s story. My name is Sarah and I am friends with Jake’s mom, Stephanie. She is a wonderful person, (truly one of a kind if you’ve met her!)  and I have personally seen how this accident has affected their family.

In San Francisco, on October 28, 2021, Jake was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in a crosswalk where the driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic. He sustained a diffuse axonal traumatic brain injury, a coma for two weeks, and remained hospitalized for two months. After the coma and some time spent being stabilized in the ICU, Jake was transferred to Sutter Health’s intensive inpatient neurological rehab facility. Here, he worked to rebuild some fine motor skills through physical, occupational, and speech therapy but suffered from post-traumatic amnesia where he was extremely disoriented, confused, and hard to work with. 

After the two months of hospitalization, Jake was able to fly back to his hometown in Oregon. Now, he actively continues the different therapy disciplines at the Brain Rehabilitation Network outpatient clinic, as well as any hobby/ pastimes recommended to support his recovery. This has been a major setback in his life but works tirelessly to find a new sense of “Normal.”

Unfortunately, his clarinet playing (degree focus) has suffered significantly from the loss of many necessary fine motor skills. While in inpatient care, Jake was not expected to regain any movement in his left arm and be able to continue with music but was still encouraged to play his secondary instrument (piano). Although experiencing much struggle at first, he has surpassed all odds and now plays in jazz combos, takes lessons, and practices many hours every day!

Eventually, Jake plans to return to SF continuing to pursue his undergraduate at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. However, he will try to switch from an orchestral clarinet focus to a completely separate jazz piano degree. Going through the extremely traumatic near-death experience, Jake now feels like he now has something to “say” musically, and can only do so through a jazz improvisatory outlet. He was doing very well in school and working almost full time to maintain Sf’s high living expenses. 

He hopes to return to SF and his studies as soon as possible, but they have had trouble collecting any money from the responsible party and/or California’s disability.. While Jake now navigates to a new normal and finds his way back, it would be wonderful to help support him with prayers/positive thoughts and/or financial support.. All donations will go towards medical bills and helping him return to the Bay pursuing his many dreams.

Many thanks to those who have already donated! You are so appreciated and loved! Once again, thank you for stopping by and hearing Jake’s story and considering a donation. Honestly, we are extremely grateful/ lucky to still have him with us!

-Words from Sarah and Jake’s mom, Stephanie.

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