Hey Members! Did You Know?


We’re an exclusive drop-off location for FarmBox SF

Pick up your fresh local produce Saturday mornings from 11:00AM-1:00PM, before or after your practice.

Why FarmBox SF?

  • 50% of all Thanksgiving orders go to Children’s International
  • YGSF members receive a 5% lifetime discount
  • Keep your produce safe at The Garden

Keep reading to hear more reasons why we choose FarmBox SF

  • Eat the cream of the crop chosen selectively by FarmBox reps from your local bay area farmers
  • Produce stays fresh longer because it comes straight from the source
  • Choose what you want to eat each week with their customizable menu

In addition, FarmBox SF will be donating one bag of fresh fruit to each attendee of our Thanksgiving benefit classes.

Click here to sign-up online.

Drop-off also available straight to your door.