Hugs and High Fives to Rachel & Phoebe!

Rachel our client services manager extraordinaire and Phoebe our client services and social media guru are taking on a new chapters in their journey. Yoga Garden has not only loved them as being the smiling faces that welcome you in to our studio, but also as family. Next time you come by the studio, be sure to give them high fives and farewell hugs!


Rachel Olmedo has been in the YGSF family for over a year and we couldnt be more proud to congratulate her on her next leg of the journey. She will be venturing out onto something new and is excited about what the future holds.


Phoebe Licata is a recent San Francisco transplant that has been YGSF’s ray of sunshine for the past few months. Lucky for us she is staying in San Francisco! Phoebe has gotten the opportunity to work for her dream job at Kramer Media where she will continue to spread her love and knowledge for health, happiness and yoga!

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Last but not least, one big high five goes to Amy! She has been promoted to be our client services manager! She has been with Yoga Garden for a long time and we’re excited to have her take her next journey with us. Next time you see her, give her a big high five and tell her congratulations!