Interested in Advancing your Certification to RYT-500?

advanced yoga teacher training

“Yoga Garden’s 300 Hour Core Module 1 was very special for me.  It allowed me to deepen my knowledge and experience of the energetics of asana while​ ​facilitating a path ​way​ in self-discovery through ​parallel ​meditation practices. ​B​est of all, I was able to work intimately with other students​/​teachers and gain enduring inspiration from all the great questions, discussions and teachings! This week was truly transformative for me as a teacher and practitioner, and I cannot wait for Core Module 2.”  – Sachi, YGSF Student


Have you been looking to advance your certification to RYT-500?  The time is NOW!  Let us tell you why…


It’s so important as Yoga Teachers and practitioners to continue growing ourselves. Becoming RYT-500 certified is a way that you can continue to grow and practice, and also step your career up to the next level.  Yoga Garden’s affordable and flexible 300 Hour program can get you there.
To complete an RYT-500 certification at YGSF, you need:
  • To have completed an RYT-200 program, and be currently, or eligible for Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certification
  • 150 Hours of required CORE MODULES : 3 x 50 Hour Segments
    Our next round of Core Module Programming begins August 4th-10, and does not run again until next year.  The time is NOW to take this section of your RYT-500 certification. 
  • 120 Elective Hours (Specialize in Therapeutics, Ayurveda, Philosophy, Anatomy, Prenatal more!)
  • 30 Hours of self-study (Can include mentorship)
You can choose to complete the certification in as little as 6 months, or as long as 3 years.  Take your time, or do it fast.  It’s up to you.
To facilitate the certification of all alumni teachers at Yoga Garden to become RYT-500, David Nelson, studio owner, is offering a ONE TIME SUMMER DISCOUNT for you until the end of August :
  • 1 Year Membership to Yoga Garden SF, ALL CLASSES (Savings of $1620!!!)
  • No Fee 12 Month Payment Plan with the necessary $500 deposit (Savings of $250)
Total Savings = $1870!!!
These savings are almost equal to the program cost!!!
With the necessary $500 deposit, this would be $202.08 per month for 12 months, or $46.64 per week  to enroll in receive your required 150 Hours for the Core Module Program, including a Free One Year Membership for any class at Yoga Garden SF, and a No-Fee, No-Interest 12 Month Payment Plan.
Important To Know #1:
Prenatal RPYT graduates of the Yoga Garden SF already have completed 75 Hours of the 120 necessary elective hours.  Specializations are created by the types of workshops you choose to enroll in.
Important To Know #2 :
Take a look at the dates all core modules are offered.  To take advantage of this offer, you MUST enroll in Core Module 1 which occurs Aug 4 – 10 2014, or speak to our Admissions Manager Cynthia – cynthia@folksf.com.  Module 1 will not be offered again until March 2015.  Core Module 2 and Core Module 3 are offered in August, and again in November 2014 and March 2015.  
Purchase this Incredible Package and Enroll Today HERE
Questions?  Email cynthia@folksf.com to arrange your admissions appointment today!