Join us for Yoga Garden SF Park(ing) Day!


We’re excited to be taking part of this year’s Park(ing) Day with our incredible neighbors, Repose Coffee and Little Chihuahua. We invite you to join us!

What is Park(ing) Day?
If you’re not familiar with it, Park(ing) Day is a DIY project taking place globally on the third Friday of September: it was originally started by two local SF designers in 2005 when they decided to create a “temporary public park” in a metered parking spot downtown (they literally rolled out a piece of astroturf, added two chairs, and sat there for the two hours they had paid to rent the parking spot at the meter).

It was a public art provocation and statement about how we allocate public space in cities — but the idea also had legs – their original project actually led to the city of San Francisco instituting the “parklet” program several years later, which resulted in the permanent parklets you see today, like outside The Mill and Mojo Coffee (the original permanent one!)

Today Park(ing) day is a daylong global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into enjoyable public spaces.

We’re excited about joining our neighbors and the community for this daylong event! We’ll be aiming to set our “parklet” right up front, but we won’t be sure where it will be until we snatch a spot!  Follow us on Twitter @yogagardensf for live updates on our location and current activities and goodies to share. Come by for temporary unicorn tattoos, hop-in/hop-out yoga sessions, free coffee from Repose, and more!