RYT 500 | Grasp at the Root Facilitator 

Kay is a trauma-conscious yoga instructor, somatic practitioner, and community health educator with an approach rooted in community, accessibility, rest, and empowerment. Using an evidence-based, integrative, and anti-oppressive lens, they work with people navigating chronic pain and trauma towards the cultivation of restfulness & safety within their bodies and the spaces they inhabit.


Their journey to become a yoga practitioner began at the age of 16, and they have since amassed over 2000 hours of training in therapeutic yoga instruction, somatic psychology, and myofascial manual therapy. Their lived experience with intersecting marginalized identities, as well as the intuitive and ancestral wisdom they embody are also valuable knowledge systems that inform their work.


Kay honors through lived experience the ways in which Western yoga spaces are often inaccessible to many. Their offerings center and represent the experiences of the most marginalized – including Black and Indigenous peoples, the queer community, people with disabilities, larger bodied people, people of diverse faith, and survivors of abuse/complex trauma.


It is their mission to make the eight-limbed path of yoga more accessible to all, curate consent-forward spaces and deconstruct the hierarchies that prevent access to healing practices.