RYT 200 | Teacher 

Liz Andolong (RYT200) discovered yoga in a small studio in 2006 amongst candlelight and sweat, leaving her mind peaceful and body challenged; thus beginning a 10 plus year love affair with yoga. Over the years, the practice has been the constant in her personal growth and journey, allowing her to cultivate a more authentic self that is grounded, joyful, and open.

Through the years, she’s explored many different styles of yoga, moving from a physical, vigorous vinyasa to a more deliberate and curative flow. Her background as a classically trained ballerina, coupled with honoring her body’s ever-changing journey, has cultivated a practice which is primarily breath and alignment-based.

She believes in creating a space for her students that makes yoga accessible to all: supporting and encouraging their own self discovery, healing, integrity, and self love. In honoring the lineage of her teachers (Pete Guinosso, Rebecca Rogers, Martin Scott, Jason Crandell) and honoring her own style, she incorporates curated playlists alongside proper alignment and deep breath work to help deepen students’ – beginner or advanced – experience.

She is grateful to offer a space that allows students to connect more deeply to themselves, with hopes that their understanding of self will connect them more authentically with others and the world.

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