Management Change

Kerri-thumbKerri Stimson Leaves

Yoga Garden SF regrets to announce the departure of General Manager Kerri Stimson, the result of a reorganization within the company. Owners, founders, and teachers Marisa Toriggino and David Nelson have taken active control of the management of the yoga school and studio.

Stimson began working at the Garden in 2012 at the front desk, then as Assistant Manager, Studio Manager, and then General Manager.  Stimson said, “My time at Yoga Garden represents the greatest period of professional growth in my career. I am grateful to have worked with a passionate team in an industry focused on self-reflection, mindfulness, and service. I reflect over the past four years, since my first class at YGSF, and I find I am proud of what I have contributed, and enriched by this community. Thank you for sharing these years with me.”

YGSF’s management changes are a result of its re-commitment  to strategic goals of financial stability,  support for its instructors, and a commitment to the growth of professionalism in the fields of mindfulness and consciousness practices.  Questions about management changes at YGSF can be directed to Manager@folksf.com