Manifest: Action

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As summer draws upon us, you might notice a renewed sense of invigoration. People emerging from the solitude of winter and descending upon local parks and outdoor cafes. The New Year’s resolutions you might have left behind in February are seeming strangely possible with June on the horizon, and life in general seems to be buzzing with the crisp zing of a fresh kombucha brew. Enter, summer.

The season of summer aligns itself with Pitta energy according to Ayurvedic tradition. Pitta holds a fire quality. It corresponds to Manipura and Anahata, our third and fourth chakras. Together Manipura and Anahata connect us to our life’s purpose emanating with a deep love for ourselves, our passions and the world around us.

When balanced, the fire of Manipura fuels our ability to live authentically from a place of love. When out of balance, too much fire can overwhelm our ability to move outward, onward and inward leaving us with a frenetic energy that can produce chaos and debilitating overwhelm.

As we emerge from the Earth-heavy Kapha phase of winter that gifts us the power of reflection, we have a renewed sense of lightness. In the time of Pitta, our introspections, musings and visions are ready to be put into action.

Feeling ready to manifest some light?

Below are five ways to satisfy your Pitta passion projects while maintaining balance:

1) Find Clarity

When Pitta energy is untamed, my projects, to-do lists and seeming “obligations” can bubble out of control. Taking time to retreat and reflect provides me with clarity on my ideas, timelines and how these connect to the deeper life purpose that I am working to actualize each and every day. Whether it is a five minute ritualized walk on your lunch break or a weekend of digital detox, give yourself the gift of retreat.

2)  Flow into Action

The fluidity of water is characterized by the same moving quality of fire and heat. Surrounding ourselves with the elemental movement of water allows us to harmonize with the energy of action. Spending time in the soothing waters of lithium-rich hot springs, your favorite river bed or in the waves of the ocean provide nurturing environments to express your inner Pitta with softness.

3)  Move Mindfully

While the winter season is typically a time to wrap ourselves in the warmth of blankets as we indulge in restorative yoga, summer is also a time when our bodies can benefit from the luxury of slowing ourselves into meditative practices that cool us down. Yin yoga provides the vigor of fascia opening with the relaxation of a more restorative practice. Try a few reclined poses in the heat of the afternoon to recalibrate your body temperature.

4)  Harvest Seasonally

As we are itching to get outside, summertime is an open invitation to explore our local farmers markets. Fruits and vegetables that thrive throughout summer have immense amounts of water and electrolytes that will fuel us with hydration and leave us feeling light as we dance our way through heat waves and extended time in the sun.

5)  Indulge Your Inner Pitta

Yes, you hear me, indulge! While balance is immensely important in our ability to maintain our energy rather than burning out in the summer sun, allowing ourselves to savor our enthusiasm for our lives is integral to our happiness and well-being. Hold yourself accountable to balance. Setting a timeline for your projects and being honest about giving yourself down time is essential to your ability to sustain yourself. Enjoy the journey!

About the author: Leigh Stewart  is a Marin County native who fell in love with the art of self-care as a modality for transforming her ability to be present in my relationships while running a business and working with communities experiencing toxic stress. For more information, please visit Leigh at www.leighstewart.com

Connect with her in person during on of her upcoming programs at Yoga Garden SF, or during her Manifest Light: Summer Solstice Retreat in the Tahoe National Forest June 15-17, 2018.

leigh stewart yoga ignite your business yoga garden sf workshop san francisco yoga teacher training resource