Meet Yoga Garden’s Newest Teachers!

Hello Yogis!

We have some very exciting news here at Yoga Garden SF! As a community, we are always looking of ways to share the practice of yoga with the some of the most inspiring and sought-after teachers in the Bay area.

Please share the honor in welcoming some new faces to our family! These yogis bring a multitude of offerings in their knowledge, background, and style of teaching. We hope you are excited as we are to take advantage of their yoga offerings!

Get to know all our teachers by reading our Teacher’s Bios and by exploring some new classes!

Hira Lesea

Hira Lesea is a committed student of alchemical transformations in the body practicing yoga and meditation for over 15 years. She completed her 500 hour yoga certification through Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie’s unique program- Yoga Sukhavati, studying anatomy and alignment, Ayurveda, and Tibetan Buddhism. While these ancient modalities have created a deep resonance in her, she understands it is first essential for us to put down the baggage of stress to get to a calmer state where sweetness can be found. Through her investigations, she has come to see that yoga can undo years of embedded patterns, helping us to live more liberated and joyful lives and brings that to her teaching. In addition to yoga, she is an Ayurvedic chef for yoga and meditation retreats.

Alyse Speyer

After spending more than nine years at a desk working in start-ups, Alyse found yoga to be a source of inner peace as well as a necessity for the well being of her back, posture, and joints. She has since helped students learn to integrate yoga in their daily lives, alleviating back pain, anxiety, and tension. Alyse is a passionate and dedicated private yoga instructor, practicing six days a week and teaching her students how to discover their own yoga practice and potential. Yoga is about toning the body and releasing tension in order to regain control over the mind-body connection. With her keen interest in anatomy, Alyse has been able to help students discover new and unique ways to modify traditional yoga postures to meet the individual needs of her clients. Everyone can experience the benefits of yoga through private yoga sessions. Alyse completed her 300-hour Yoga teacher training at AstaYoga in San Francisco, CA a subsidiary of It’s Yoga International. She also runs a health, wellness, and travel blog www.toldbyalyse.com.

Michelle Bouvier

Michelle Nayeli Bouvier is a Prana Vinyasa™ E-RYT 500+ yoga teacher trainer, Hoopdance pioneer, AcroYoga teacher, bodyworker, movement therapist and dancer devoted to the art and science of embodiment. With a diverse movement background and 20+ years in yoga, Michelle has taught full-time, at studios, conferences, retreats and festivals since 2002. In addition to sharing Prana Vinyasa™ through Shiva Rea’s Samudra School, she is on the Teacher Training Faculty of Āvāhana School of Yoga & Expressive Healing Arts, Balanced Action Yoga, and Hoop Vinyasa. Loved for her joyful creativity as a movement guide, Michelle teaches with a uniquely trained eye drawn from a plethora of techniques, training, and experience working with people in all walks of life. She loves the challenge of giving each student just what they are ready for, and specializes in creating meditative experience through breath and rhythmic movement. Michelle seeks to expand our understanding of living yoga beyond asana, in life as well as through a variety of embodied awareness practices. She is the founder of EmBody Retreats, immersive training retreats that delve into the overlap of dance, yoga and self-care practices through multidisciplinary movement study and the Tantric teachings of yoga’s roots in fluid kārana vinyāsa and spontaneous dance. With nearly 4000 hours of advanced study, Michelle maintains a private practice based in San Francisco and continues to study Ayurveda and the Axis Syllabus.


Cynthia Hanson

I began my yoga journey more than 10 years ago, focusing my asana practice and study on alignment-based vinyasa and breath work. Yoga has helped me find balance, peace, and the opportunity to slow down in this busy city I call home. In my classes, you can anticipate a challenging but balanced experience with an intentional, flowing sequence that connects breath to movement from warm-up through savasana. We will work to develop strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness, 1-class at a time. I look forward to continuing to grow my practice by sharing it with you and learning from the students I teach. See you on the mat!


Ally English

Ally began her yoga practice eight years ago, and she received her 200-hour RYT certification through Frog Lotus Yoga in 2011. Ally has explored and taught many different styles of yoga over the last 5 years, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yoga for Trauma Recovery and Women's Empowerment, Teen Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and SUP Yoga. Since moving to San Francisco one year ago, she has had the pleasure of teaching a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness class at an all-girls high school, in addition to teaching at several studios.

Ally understands the stress and pressure associated with work, school, traumas, and everyday life. She turns to yoga and teaching as an outlet, and her classes emphasize the importance of letting go of judgment and self-critique, having fun, and living in the present moment by turning off the mind and turning on the breath. She believes that yoga serves as an essential tool in helping people overcome physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges in their lives. Ally’s goal is for people to walk away from class with a balance of peace, energy, ease, and empowerment, and she looks forward to sharing her love of yoga with the Yoga Garden community!


makenayoga-copyNicole Saal

Nicole Saal (M.Ed, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, RPYT) found yoga over a decade ago and has been hooked ever since. She is a spirited and passionate yoga educator, an endless pursuer of knowledge. She integrates her Masters degree in Education with her multiple advanced yoga certifications into her daily life and teachings, on and off the mat, in the studio and the classroom. She is fiercely committed to education, sharing her love of yoga and mindfulness with her students of all ages. Nicole is known for encouraging her students to be playful, be true and be kind. Visit nicolesaal.com for further information about Nicole, including her Medically-Guided Yoga practice as well as pre- and postnatal offerings.