Member Mat Check

Mat storage is for members only.  To store a mat, the first and last name of the client must be written on the mat.  There is a large, permanent marker on the ledge above mat storage for writing on mats.

The mat storage tends to overcrowd with abandoned or non-member mats.  To make sure our members have space for their mats, we perform a mat clean out every 2 weeks:

  1. Every 2 weeks, remove all mats from the membership shelves that do not have a name and put them in the storage room where we keep the extras.  The mats that are already in the store room will have been there for at least two weeks, so you’ll have to get rid of them to make space for these new unnamed mats.  See step 4 for how to do this.
  2. Verify that all names on the mats are people with memberships.
  3. Put mats that have names but no membership on their account in storage and notify that person that they have to pick up their mat and that the shelving is for people with memberships only.
  4. Hold mats in storage room for 4 weeks before donating to the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco. Contact Tavi Baker for pick up, tbaker@kidsclub.org, 415-445-5484.

If in the meantime someone claims to have lost a mat, show them the stored mats and let them know mat storage is restricted to members with mats labeled with last names and first initials.