MS WALK SUCCESS: Thanks Yogis!

Dear Fellow Yogis,

I have been bugging my yoga buddies for a few months to raise donations for the MS Walk 2015 in San Francisco. Spreading the word by repeating myself over and over again has worked: I have raised $ 2,700 and $ 800 came through Yoga Garden. I am # 62 in the top 100 San Francisco fund raisers.

I was diagnosed with MS in May 2000 and I first visited Yoga Garden in Sep 2009. Nowadays I go to a yoga class once or twice a day (by many different teachers) and in Feb 2015 I have added Barre classes (by Michael Najjar) three times a week. (I can basically get out of bed and crawl to the studio in half a minute, so I have no excuse.)

The walk has taken place last Sunday April 26. This was the 6th time I have walked the MS walk, with options one mile or 5k. In previous years I was glad to walk one mile; this year I surprised myself by walking the full 5k, I suspect the Barre classes have helped a lot.

I would like to thank everyone for listening to my story, probably multiple times for some people. Many of you have shared their story of a family member or friend with MS or some other (autoimmune) disease. I really appreciate this and I think it’s important to ‘spread the word’.

Thanks again & Namaste,

Mandy Hagenaar