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This bio will be your teacher profile on our website.Bios are a good place for Folk to convey warmth, personality, and humor. Adding a touch of humor or charm in good taste can bring life to what can otherwise be a sterile, monotonous practice.Things helpful to Include:Professional experience. Number of years teaching CertificationTeaching LineageType of yoga taughtYoga approach/philosophyPersonal: Hometown and time spent in the Bay AreaIntroduction to yoga/type of fitnessOne element of personal life; ie: quote, off the mat favorites, etc.Best practice dictates that bios are kept relatively short; to balance this advice with Folk’s focus on people and community connection, I would advise choosing between one of the three optional questions What can students expect from one of your classes?What is one of the affirmations you’re holding close these days? (optional)Outside of yoga, what is your favorite way to care for your whole self? (optional)What does community mean to you? (optional)Tell us something you love about San Francisco.
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