Nutrition and Self Care for Modern Yogis


What are the foods that make us thrive? How much should we eat and how often? Is it okay to have a cheat day? Should I go Paleo or Vegan, and what difference will it make on my mind and body? These are some questions that most yogis ask themselves when it comes to the subject around food, diet and nutrition.

With so many diets out there and conflicting information, it’s no wonder we have trouble sticking to a regimen. Join our Nutrition and Self Care for Modern Yogis Workshop with Elaine Oyang. Together we will answer these questions and shed light on our physical and mental relationship with food. After the workshop, you will walk away feeling confident on how to better care for yourself through the healing and nutritional power of food.

This workshop will cover:

– The fundamentals of food and nutrition

– The basics of mindful eating

– How and what to eat to fuel our unique bodies both on and off the mat

– Our personal relationships with food

– Demystifying the fog encircling common nutrition trends (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, paleo)

– How to combat fatigue, cravings, indigestion and mood swings once and for all

A gentle, therapeutic asana practice will wrap up the workshop leaving your body and mind feeling refreshed, supported, rested and loved. Delicious, healthy snacks will be provided at the end of class! All levels are welcome.

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Tuition is $40 or $35 before November 1, 2015.  *Earn 2.5 CEUs by attending this course.


Meet Your Instructor: Elaine Oyang

As an athlete growing up, Elaine was naturally drawn to the dynamic Ashtanga yoga practice in high school. In college, yoga became such an impact and joy in her life that instead of continuing her track to become a biology researcher, she decided to following her calling to become a yoga instructor. Along her journey, she became intrigued by holistic nutrition and yoga therapy, and how these two practices tie in together to bring about wholesome well-being. She graduated as a nutrition consultant from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in Berkeley in 2015, and is now on an 800-hr training track to become a yoga therapist.

Her vinyasa classes, though powerful, embrace yoga as therapy and emphasize breath, alignment, and internal sensations. Her approach is finding softness in challenging postures, and in discovering inner strength by letting go of resistance. She interweaves her background in biology with an appreciation for the miraculous life forces within the body into her classes to leave you rejuvenated and more connected with your body and mind.

Outside of Yoga Garden, Elaine teaches chair yoga to chronic pain patients, works therapeutically with her private clients and is on a mission to instill yoga, even if it’s just five minutes a day, into people’s lives as preventative measures against chronic pain. Learn more about Elaine’s therapeutic yoga approach, individual nutrition consultation, wellness services and watch her 2-minute yoga videos at elaineyoga.com.