Interview with Rachel Fleischman of Dance Your Bliss



What’s igniting you in your work these days? 

I’m actually excited about getting older. I keep thinking I’m 25, and then I remember I’m middle-aged (whatever the heck that means). In recognizing this I am feeling confidence about my many years of teaching under my belt. I had knee surgery in February, and it really gave me time to be still and think about what fuels me. It’s so clear: Leading people into their passion and joy.

What are you learning from your time in physical stillness?

I get to pause and really ask myself “How does my body feel today”? Being less mobile has given me more gratitude about my body and its resilience. Also, I am obsessed with ritual. Ritual is routine. Is is habit made holy. I began creating more ritual when I was healing from my surgery. And it reminds me that the Dance Your Bliss method works. Through movement I have discovered that when you put the psyche in motion it heals itself.

What I’m really excited about is leading people in this spiritual practice with has astounding healing properties not only for individuals but for entire communities.

I really believe in the merge of  psychotherapy and movement. Using more expressive embodiment techniques. Embodiment is where we are headed. We need it if we’re going to live a long, healthy life.

Will your Yoga Garden workshop program be a combination of stillness and movement?

The workshop will be  DE-LISH-ious! I’m known as the Jewish Santa Claus. I bring gifts to every one of my workshops. We need to feel special, cared-for and loved. And that’s  what we’ll have at YGSF.

Participants will come away with a recipe for self care which will include:

  • movement
  • creative practice
  • mindfulness exercises
  • individualized meditation practice

Learn more about Rachel here: DancingYourBliss.com | BlissCounseling.com


Rache’ls Upcoming Workshop


Through carefully constructed movements, somatic exercises and the sacred breath, you come home to your body, and find the confidence that is your birthright.

Take home precious secrets in your personal Body Wisdom, and find a path to living an authentic, embodied, wholehearted existence.

Drawing on more than two decades of study, psychotherapist and movement expert, Rachel Fleischman, will assist you in developing a simple yet effective embodiment “recipe” that you can use to achieve more balance, energy, creativity and success.

No dance experience necessary. Please bring a journal so you can take home her magical and magnificent movement recipes.


Tuition is $45 or $40 by April 21st.