Explore the Pelvic Floor

pelvic yoga workshop San Francisco Few spots left! Demystifying “Down There”-with Leslie Howard

A healthy pelvic floor is more than doing Kegels. Proper work of strengthening and stabilizing the pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body. Come find out specific details of what mula bandha is and is not!

The female pelvis and the pelvic muscles are an under-appreciated region of the anatomy. A strong pelvic floor helps keep the pelvic and abdominal organs healthy as we age. Important not only for sexuality, the pelvic muscles are crucial for optimal functioning of the whole body. The pelvic muscles begin at perineum and are complex arrangement of muscles that hold all of the lower organs. Heredity, life-style, and childbirth all have an effect on the perineum and the pelvic floor muscles.

Common problems that are related to the health of the pelvis are:

  • lumbar spinal problems
  • sacroiliac, hip or sciatic pain
  • bladder weakness
  • digestive, menstrual and sexual difficulties

This area can be too gripped, too weak, or both. You will learn how to distinguish the three layers of the pelvic floor and how to soften and strengthen these areas.

This workshop will begin with descriptions, drawings, handouts, and identification of the pelvic floor muscles. What follows is a series of specific exercises for self-discovery, and then specific poses and exercises to increase the flexibility, strength, and coordination of each of the pelvic functions.

The price of this 4 hour workshop is $100. If you register one month in advance, the price is $90. Yoga Garden SF members receive 10% off. Sorry, gentlemen: this workshop is for women only.

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