How to Practice While Away

personal practiceIn an article published by MindBodyGreen, YGSF teacher Leigh Stewart gives 10 easy steps to practicing while you’re on vacation, traveling for work, or can’t simply leave the house.

Stay connected to your practice even when you don’t have time to come take class.

Create A Dynamite Personal Yoga Practice with Leigh Stewart

For years, I took for granted the convenience of walking to a yoga studio for my daily practice. Music humming in the background, mats freshly sprayed with a hint of lavender, and best of all, no planning required! Good yoga studios require one thing of their students: that they show up.

But what happens when we step away from this all?

When our introductory passes run out? When we decide to travel? When we become curious and begin to wonder what yoga lies outside the studio walls?

The task of creating a personal yoga practice can be daunting. Until we realize that there’s a template (and there are many!), the idea of conjuring yoga out of thin air seems mystical. All yoga, whether it’s in a studio, your bedroom, or the middle of a busy sidewalk, stems from the same place: your body and breath. Even the need for a mat is a figment of our consumer culture’s imagination!

Looking to expand your yoga? Here’s a basic outline to create a personalized yoga practice in any style!

1. Set an intention.

What brought you to the mat today? What aspects of your life have provided you with the gift of yoga? Start your practice by noting points of gratitude. From here, ask yourself what you’d like to experience or practice during your yoga (compassion, breath awareness, relaxation). Take a moment to set an intention to turn this idea into reality.

2. Plan a playlist.

For me, a playlist is my timer. I use a song for my warm up, for my sun salutations, for my hip openers. If your yoga has a time limit, use music as your alarm! For some of us, the breath is our music, but if you like to shake it out on your mat, personalize your practice with a playlist that suits your mood.

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