WORKSHOP Pranayama

with Robin Duryea

pranayamaThe breath is what carries our prana, or vital life energy, and ushers us into the ebb and flow of life where we unlock the mysteries of the heart.

In breath we receive and experience the feelings of peace, joy, love, and truth. Although they are always within us, they can be difficult to access due to trauma or stressful life experience.

In Yoga we are introduced to the concept of Samskaras. These are deeply rooted habits that live in the subconscious, often guiding our choices without our awareness. This may keep us in patterns of living that do not serve us, but actually create blockages from accessing and living from our hearts center- from our truth.In this pranayama workshop we will use a technique referred to as Pranic Breathing, a simple yet profound breathing technique, to gain insight into the deeper parts of ourselves. Using Pranic Breathing, we bring to light much of what we’ve left in the dark and allow for the experience of Moksha, or liberation.Please come in comfortable, cozy clothes and bring a pen and notebook.

Tuition is $40, or $35 when you register on or before September 21.

This course is appropriate for any community member interested in deepening their own yoga practice. For yoga teachers, this course also provides 2 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF500 and/or 2 Yoga Alliance® CEUs

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Members receive a 10% discount.  YGSF200 Alumni receive a 15% discount. Contact cynthia@folksf.com for details.


Robin_webRobin walked into her first Yoga class in 1999. However, it was a three month solo journey through India in 2005 that brought Robin to her knees. Ever since, she has had a steady and deep practice working with some of the most renowned teachers in San Francisco. Having completed training certification, including over 600 hours of Vinyasa, Pranayama, and Restorative, Robin’s understanding of Yoga has taken her to a place she continues to love, explore, and share. In seeing the possibilities of the body we can see the possibilities that lie beyond. To learn more please visit Robin’s website here.