Resolving Negative Client Account Balances

Account, as a payment method, works like running a tab. On the Account Detail page, it is listed as the GIFT/Debit Account. The account can run negative or positive.  For example, when we can’t give a student a credit card refund, we can sometimes issue account credit.  This would result in a positive account balance.   There are various reasons why an account can run a negative balance.  In the example below, the student wanted to purchase a shirt with the card of file, but left before the front desk staff member realized there was no card on file.  We of course want to avoid situations like this, but in this case, the best option is to charge the shirt to the account.  This will leave a negative balance that can be settled the next time the client comes in.

There are several places where you can see where the negative balance on a student’s account came from.

First, when you first type the student’s name into the Client Search field, or try to sign her up for a class, you will get this message:

Outstanding Account Balance Detail
Her Gift/Debit Account details are displayed, and you can see the shirt purchased on 3/24.  Leaving a negative account balance of $41.11.


Another place you could discover the source of the negative account balance is the Account Details tab. This tab is usually your best resource for figuring out what’s going on in a client’s account. On this page, under the GIFT/Debit Account section, you can see where the negative balance came from:

GIFT:Debit Account

The last place you can look to determine why a client’s Gift/Debit Account is running negative (or positive) is under the Purchases tab.  This will show you all the purchases associated with a particular client, and what payment method was used (Cash, Credit, Account, etc.):


Purchase Detail
Here you can see the purchase of the shirt, which was charged to the Account.


So, now that you know why the account is negative, you can receive payment from the student and settle the account balance.  To do this you go to the client’s retail screen and select “Receive Payments.”  It will look like this:
Receive Payments
Click Continue, choose the payment method, and complete the purchase:
Receive Payment Detail