Featured Teacher: Stephanie Yarborough

Stephanie Yarborough yoga

As part of our merger with Moxie Yoga, we are excited to welcome Stephanie Yarborough to the team!

Tell us about yourself! What are some things that your students might not know?

I am a proud Texan transplant with strong roots in Austin. Since graduating in biomedical engineering, I have been working in biotech in the Bay Area for about 10 years and am currently work full time at Sutro Biopharma in process development for oncology medications. I live in the city with my cat Toni and sometimes my pastry chef boyfriend (lucky right?). I have been teaching yoga for a little over a year and I’m so excited to continue with Yoga Garden.

How did you become interested in yoga?

I started by volunteering as a work/trade student at Moxie Yoga as a way to connect with the community. Through taking classes from all styles of teachers, I fell deeper in love with the practice and the benefits on and off the mat.

Tell us about your yoga journey. What style did you start in and with whom do you study now?

I have always focused on structural and physical alignment through vinyasa and strength, but have gradually been shifting into more breathwork and mind/body connection through yoga.

Describe your teaching style. What can folks expect when they attend your class? 

At the end of class, you will feel so strong and grateful for your body, breath, mind, health, and community. My aim is such that something on the mat resonates off of the mat — your yoga journey is beyond the physical practice.

Anything else you’d like to share with the YGSF community? 

So excited to flow with you all and be here for your practices.

That’s all for now! Follow Stephanie on Instagram: @steph.yarb.

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