Stacey Swan and the Livestream 200 Hour Teacher Training Transition

This past weekend our January 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training cohort graduated and celebrated in an unexpected way. The faculty and students pivoted to the Livestream platform like champs and today we took some time to talk to lead teacher Stacey Swan to hear more about the online transition. Here’s what she had to say:

As a lead teacher, what has been your experience with the Yoga Garden SF Livestream 200 Hour Teacher Training?

It’s been a very positive experience. Much of our curriculum was already online so the transition to online lectures and practices wasn’t that difficult. Although it’s certainly challenging, this is a rich time to reflect on the impact these events have on our lives, our thought patterns, and our bodies. Yoga shines in times like these, and deepening our practice and our understanding of the philosophies behind it can help us strengthen and draw on our inner resources in ways that will support our own lives, as well as our community. I’m lucky to be able to share this work with others and support them on their journey.

How have your students responded to the Livestream Teacher Training experience?

I found that our marvelous students rose to the occasion and were incredibly adaptive. They showed up ready, willing, and present!

What are some of the unexpected benefits of taking the yoga teacher training online?

The teaching practicums improved in the online format because students can be split into many separate rooms creating more privacy and improving the students ability to focus. When we’re working in the studio everyone practices teaching at the same time and this can be distracting or feel crowded.

Are you interested in yoga teacher training? Our next 3 Month Extended program starts April 5th and we have a few seats left. If this is something you’ve always wanted to do, but just didn’t have the time- now’s your chance!

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