Stand in Your Seat – Free Master Class

Feet Alignment & Refinement with Niki Saccareccia

Niki Saccareccia yoga teacherAre you aware that our feet are the only part of the body evolved specifically to have a relationship with the Earth? Learn how our feet play a crucial role in developing a sustainable yoga practice, increased stamina and balance, and refined posture. Gain insights about your unique tendency to overwork or lose support, how your walking pattern is affecting your knees and lower back, and the most powerful way to walk in your off-the-mat life!

This master class will offer a mix of short discussions on the anatomy and mechanics of our feet, and movement explorations. Come discover deeper levels of support through advanced yoga anatomy and experiential practices.


Expect to learn:
· The most efficient way to walk
· Your unique gait pattern
· Personalized insight on how you carry your weight
· Holistic understanding of your anatomy
· Postures that restore strength to your feet and balance to your ankles and knees
· How the shoes you wear affect your lower back and neck

Expect to gain:
· Refined posture
· Endurance in your asana (poses)
· Better balance while standing
· An understanding of the relationship between strength and surrender
· New insight into the source of your creativity


Monday, July 21st9:00-11:00 am

About the Instructor:

Niki SaccarecciaA Los Angeles based teacher, author and therapist, Niki Saccareccia is driven to remind her students about their birthright to mental health and physical wellness. Well known for her clear instruction and a gifted ability to distill complex lessons into tangible insights, and nearly a decade of experience working with patients. With her training in Behavior Therapy and Hatha Yoga, her classes are guided by a strong anatomic focus, using breath-driven movement as the gateway to self-knowledge and transformation. Learn more: www.LightInsideYoga.com.


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