Stay The Course 28 Day Challenge

Welcome to 2020! Start this year off right by working towards a goal. Attend as many yoga classes as you can in 28 days. Why 28 days? Experts say that this is the amount of time you need to cultivate a new habit and who doesn’t want yoga to be a habit?

The challenge will start on January 13th and end of February 9th. Your goal is to attend class for 28 days in a row (or as many as your can). We are partnering with some of our favorites like Sunski, Chani Nicholas, Ink & Volt, and more to offer you weekly prizes. On top of that, there will be a chance to win the Grand Prize of a $100 to Indian Paradox.

Enter Here
Rules, Conditions, and Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Add your name to the in-studio chart, located on the second floor
  2. Add stickers every time you attend class
  3. Follow Yoga Garden SF on Instagram @yogagardensf
  4. Post weekly, tagging @yogagardensf and using hashtag #staythecourse2020
  5. Check back each Monday for prizes, announced on IG!
  6. To be eligible for the Grand Prize, you must post and tag @yogagardensf on IG once each week.