Stay The Course: January Yoga Challenge

You have committed to practicing yoga more consistently this year, you bought a membership, and you are loving Yoga Garden SF. Keep on keeping on! We are just about two weeks into January, which tends to be about the time we see people letting go of their well-intentioned goals. To help support, motivate, and encourage your success we have decided to host a community challenge from January 14th to February 1st. Practice daily, accomplish your goals, and win Yoga Garden SF swag!

It’s simple. Write your name on the “Stay The Course: January Yoga Challenge Chart” the next time you are in the studio and start keeping track of your attendance by adding a sticker next to your name every time you complete a class.

What are the prizes?!
Attend 10 Classes and win a YGSF t-shirt.
Attend 15 Classes and win a YGSF t-shirt and a YGSF water bottle.
Attend 17 Classes and win a YGSF t-shirt, a YGSF water bottle, and a chance to win a $200 YGSF Gift Card.

Grab a friend, stay the course, and make 2019 count!