Staying Healthy this Fall: 5 AYURVEDIC Tips

by Holly Zoffoli, CAS


There is no doubt that Fall is in the air. However, there seems to be more in the air than the wafting scent of spiced pumpkin lattes and leaves fluttering to the ground. Coughing, sneezing and runny noses surround us.

Try these 5 traditional Ayurvedic techniques to assist the natural cleansing and rejuvenating process of your body and stay healthy during this time of seasonal transition.


tongue scraper

This is easy and takes less than a minute. Purchase a quality tongue scraper to use before or after you brush your teeth. Tongue scraping is believed to aid in digestion, improve oral health, and aid in the cleansing of the immune system.


Nasal cleansing has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda. However, many contemporary doctors are also recommending this simple at-home therapy, that uses a saltwater solution that passes through your sinuses. As the salt water solution drains, it eliminates the congestion stuck inside.



This is the application of oil, often medicated with herbs and essential oils, into the nostrils.

It is recommended to follow Neti with Nasya. This simple therapy has countless benefits, but the immediate ones are the lubrication and detoxification of the sinuses. Performing Nasya regularly is believed to help calm the mind, assist in the beneficial flow of prana and give clarity to speech.



Before your morning shower or bath, warm your favorite massage oil (for example, almond, sesame, coconut, etc.) and give yourself a self-loving rubdown. Ideally, you would do a little at home yoga too, perhaps some sun salutations and get the body warm and moving for about 20 minutes. In addition to the benefits of detoxification, you will have thanked your muscles for their hard work, improved your circulation, and calmed your nervous system.



Take advantage of the season’s bounty of root vegetables. Eating meals at regular times will help keep you regular. When your body is congested with undigested food, it makes it that much harder to neutralize the germs that make us sick. Pay attention to your digestion, stay hydrated and eat the foods and spices that are best for your constitution. For personalized custom Ayurvedic care and guidelines, please visit myself or an Ayurvedic practitioner of your choice.


For an in-depth description of how to use these techniques and more practical information about Ayurveda, please attend my workshop, Ayurvedic Eating, coming up early 2015 at The Yoga Garden SF! I look forward to meeting you!

Many Blessings, Holly Zoffoli Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist


circle-hollyHolly is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist & Licensed Esthetician. Following her curiosity about the natural world led her to begin Holistic Health studies in 1991. Having experienced chronic and severe back pain as a result of multiple car accidents and the discovery that she has scoliosis led her to a deep understanding about the human body, it’s ability to repair itself, adapt & transform. She enjoys using herbs, oils, dance, nature hikes and martial arts to keep herself in balance. Holly is sensitive to the magical mysteries & subtle energies that surround us and is passionate about using her intuitive gifts and the wisdom that has been passed to her to share with others along their healing journey.