Strengthen Your Immunity

Strengthen Your Immunity

These times are stressful, no doubt. There is a lot of information, media, and fear around the world right now and stress levels are high. How are you managing your stress and taking good care of yourself? Yoga and meditation, along with enough sleep, proper nutrition, and plenty of water will help lower stress and thus strengthen your immunity. Here are some suggestions:

Keep it simple.

The most potent medicine may be to do less and slow down. Take some time each day to be still. Sit down, notice how you are feeling, and breathe. Observe the natural rhythm of your breath and feel your lungs expand and contract. Invite your whole body to breathe and feel into your aliveness. Common areas of tension include the facial muscles, jaw, and shoulders. Start at your head and scan down, inviting a softness and ease throughout your body. Practice being present with yourself for 5-10 minutes.

Spinal twists can help support proper digestion.

In yoga, and in the Ayurvedic tradition, your health is only as strong as your digestive system. Keeping things moving will help clear toxins that may result in infection and inflammation. Twists will help stimulate the digestive system and keep things flowing.

Reset your nervous system with legs up the wall (or tree).

This gentle inversion will help ground and relax your body, while supporting lymph drainage and blood circulation. This simple practice will help restore your nervous system.

Drink water and tea.

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water and tea. Add some lemon, lime, or other citrus to flavor, further detox, and cleanse. Make hydration a ritual and a mindful practice. Attend Ally Devi’s Tea Meditation & Ceremony once a month. The next one is Sunday, March 15th.

For an extra boost: smile, laugh, and play!

Happy people often result in healthy bodies. If possible and safe, connect with the people and places you love. Stay open to the little and big moments of wonder and awe.