IMPORTANT: Studio Classes Are Discontinued

Dear Yoga Garden Family,

Effective with our last class today, we are discontinuing classes at the studio. I will evaluate this decision on a weekly cycle. We have taken this proactive measure to protect the health of you, our teachers and staff, and the community at large. The intent of these measures is to slow the infection rate in our community to allow our health care system to prepare the increasing case load.
I have not made this decision lightly. Your yoga practice is a touchstone for normalcy and health. It is also the livelihood of over 50 fellow San Franciscans who are dedicated to their craft and their service to their community.
As a small, privately-owned, passion-driven company, we have weathered two recessions and (nearly viral) corporate-fuel competition in the wellness industry. But no one alive has experienced the changes in our society that this pandemic is poised to deliver. Because small businesses like ours do not have the resources of larger corporations, this challenge may change the face of communities like ours, as we quickly exhaust our financial resources to “hold it together,” and to employ our core staff and talent. We have thrived in this environment because of the instructors, clients, and staff that are The Garden. I am asking you now to hold this family together.
Here is what is happening next:
  • Classes. Starting Monday, March 16, any class listed on our schedule will be available on-line only. No classes will be offered in the studio.
  • Livestream. Today we are working on getting tools in place for live streaming our yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings. Classes will be broadcast on live on Vimeo Live, Youtube and Facebook Live. We will release a schedule of classes and details on how to access later today. Initially, everyone will have access, but we will be designing access tools for members, and new membership options for on-line only access. you will be able to sign up for these classes on Mindbody Online.
  • Passes and payment.
    • So that we can remain in business for the duration of disruption and continue to employ as many of our teachers as possible, please maintain your membership, if you can.
    • If you are unable to afford that, or if we are unable to meet your needs, you may terminate online prior to your next renewal.
    • We have introduced a reduced drop-in rate of $15 for on-line classes.
    • We will continue to accept your ClassPass enrollment.
    • We are selling pre-paid gift cards if you have the means and desire to support our community through this means.
  • Props. Some classes require props. We will issue a blog post on improvising props, or you can order for delivery from providers like https://yogadirect.com
We want Yoga Garden SF to be more than another business that keeps you posted on the pandemic. Instead, we want to be what we have always aspired to be—a place where we can come together as a community to support mindful practice that gives life meaning, to be of service to each other, and to support those who share this passion.
Please be patient with our responses to your questions and suggestions. We hear you, but may not be able to keep up with all of the communication right now as we create new tools and methods for serving you.
In the service of yoga,
David Nelson & your Yoga Garden SF Staff