Studio Spotlight: Nob Hill

studio spotlight: nob hill

As we continue to highlight each of our studios, we can’t help but reflect on how incredible San Francisco truly is. Whether you’re a nature lover or the ultimate urbanite, this city has a place for you. No matter how you prefer to spend a Saturday, or what you claim as your preferred cuisine, vice of choice, or life philosophy, there’s a community ready to welcome you with real and authentic joy. To honor that aspect of the beautiful city we call home, we’re providing a deeper dive into each of our 7 studios to help you find where you belong. For this week’s studio spotlight, we’re shining a light on Nob Hill!

What Makes Nob Hill Special?

Bumping up against Polk St., Chinatown, and North Beach, we love that Nob Hill feels like a peaceful oasis amidst some of the liveliest neighborhoods in the city. Within just 15 minutes, you can find yourself in the mix with just about any type of San Franciscan you want to be in community with. Not to mention, that refreshing breeze always does wonders for our mood; pair that with an awe-inspiring view of the bay just a few blocks from the studio, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a beautiful day.

Teacher Highlight

One of the inspiring teachers you can find at our Nob Hill studio is Meera Dhawan. Meera’s yoga journey began as a little girl in India where she practiced pranayama with her grandmother. As a dynamic and holistic teacher, Meera’s practice draws from the Eightfold Path of the Yoga Sutras, and weaves in Asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy.

Meera graduated from the Yoga Garden SF teacher training program, and went on to specialize on to specialize in trauma informed yoga and the use of pranayama as a tool for peace. Motivated by teaching others how to bring their minds to a place of peace and stillness, Meera hopes to help her students drive focus in their lives through practice. You can follow Meera on Instagram @meerav108, where she generously shares her wisdom, or enjoy the full range of her talents in our studio!

Neighborhood Treats

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can find it just a short walk from the studio. If you want to take advantage of the quintessential views, Ina Coolbrith Park is one of the area’s best kept secrets. This tiny treasure is perfect for taking in the city lights during a deep and meaningful chat once that throat chakra is nice and open!

Speaking of, City Lights Booksellers & Publishers is a San Francisco classic and it’s right nearby. Founded by famous Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 1953, City Lights became an instant gathering place for readers, writers, artists, and activists. Still known for publishing and selling the work of a diverse array of authors, they host an intellectual community that considers, questions, and critiques the world around them. Stop by here after a class to ensure that your mind, body, and soul have been well cared for. And if you want to keep honoring San Francisco’s hip history, grab a drink across the street at the legendary Vesuvio Cafe.

If a chic but cozy glass of vino is more your style, head the opposite direction to Amelie on Polk St. Amelie strikes that delicate balance between being genuinely cool, but never pretentious. Their wine list will blow you away no matter how many times you’ve gone to Napa, and they even have live music on the weekends!

And finally, if you’re more interested in a subtly sweet treat, follow your heart to our favorite treat — Matcha soft serve from Cafe Maiko in Chinatown. All of their products are imported straight from Uji, Japan, the southern part of Kyoto that is renowned for producing high quality, nutritious matcha. It’s authentic, it’s delicious, what more can you ask for?

Know Before You Go

Located at 1501 Taylor St., our Nob Hill studio is ideal for those walking or cycling to class. If you live in Nob Hill, North Beach, Russian Hill, Polk Gulch — or really anywhere downtown — take this as a sign to grab a coffee to-go and get that heart pumping with some pre-class cardio! With very minimal parking available, those you can find are limited to 1 hour time slots from 9-6pm. The 12 MUNI bus is nearby, too. But when you have the chance to take in some fresh air, a view of the bay, and the gorgeous neighborhoods surrounding the studio, why not take advantage of it?

Thanks for joining us for this week’s spotlight on our Nob Hill studio! Stay tuned to learn more about each of the special spaces we’ve cultivated across San Francisco.