Studio Spotlight: Sunset

studio spotlight inner sunset

When you live and love your way through San Francisco, you begin to notice how likeminded folks flock to their favorite corners of the city. Each of these neighborhoods, like the communities that fill them up, offers a unique perspective on the culture that makes SF so weird and wonderful. That’s why we’re digging deeper into each of our 7 studios to help you learn which space feels right for you. For this week’s studio spotlight, we’re shining a light on the Sunset!

What Makes the Sunset Special?

Tucked into an area with an abundance of independently owned local businesses, our Sunset studio is a neighborhood gem. This studio is great for those who want to dig into community, both on and off the mat. The streets are buzzing with local residents visiting shops, cafes, and a beautiful area of Golden Gate Park. And after a class in this spacious studio bathed in natural light, you’ll likely be the mood to join them. Enjoying a book in the park or visiting the Botanical Gardens after a class is a go-to recipe for a beautiful day. However, despite everything going out outside, our space remains fairly quiet. Stepping inside feels like you’ve found a solitary ray of sunshine to soak up, eyes closed and chin tilted upward.

And don’t forget, the Sunset $15 Community Class happens every Wednesday at 12pm!

Teacher Highlight

One of the many incredible teachers you can find in this studio is Roy Gan! Roy (E-RYT 200) is a graduate of Yoga Garden SF 200-hour Advanced Studies program who possesses a unique combination of talents and wisdom. And his students undoubtedly benefit from everything he offers. As a classically trained dancer, Roy has over 15 years of experience in dance and choreography. He’s also a non-practicing lawyer, and our Digital Programs Manager!

Roy’s approach to yoga is much like his approach to life: take the blinders off and give yourself the radical permission to honestly explore what your mind and body are capable of. Through mindful practice, he supports people in honoring and appreciating themselves by providing a safe and non-judgmental space for them to discover their inherent greatness. Through his dynamic- sequenced yoga flow, Roy encourages a holistic awareness of breath and proper alignment strength and flexibility. Check out Roy’s class schedule here.

Read the San Francisco Bay Times’ write up on Roy!

Roy Gan yoga

Neighborhood Treats

Are you taking a snack home or turning a Yoga Friend into a Brunch Friend? Our neighbors will fix you something tasty and make you feel at home while they’re at it.

Cross the street for a quick visit to Arizmendi Bakery for their famous focaccia or a perfect loaf of sourdough. Supporting this worker-owned cooperative and all of the lovely folks who run it is what community is all about, after all. Vegan and gluten free options are available, too!

Walk a few more blocks to Yo También Cantina, and you’ll be greeted by hearty and inventive bowls, and a delicious seasonal menu of creative takes on South American bites, like squash blossom and zucchini tamales. And their organic wines are unbeatable, if that’s your thing! One meal in this beautiful, friendly space and you’ll feel like you’re a part of the family.

Know Before You Go

No matter how you choose to move, our studio at 1348 9th Ave makes it easy to arrive safely and stress free. Street parking is usually available for those with the patience and ability to arrive early, but there are plenty of parking meters available nearby for those with quarters to spare. Bike parking is safe and secure in front of the studio, too.

Using that MUNI pass? You’re in luck — we’re less than a block away from the N train and the 44 bus.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s spotlight on our Sunset studio! Stay tuned to learn more about each of the special spaces we’ve cultivated across San Francisco.