Tea Meditation: A Loving Tea-cher

Ally Devi joins us on the blog to share her wisdom on tea meditation and how the practice of sitting with tea can guide you home to yourself. Join her January 12th, 2020 at 8:00 am for a tea meditation & ceremony.

By Ally Devi

To sit with tea is to sit with yourself.

Native to China, the traditional tea plant Camellia Sinensis comes to us in many forms. Black, green, white and oolong are just some of the different varieties and each boasts its own set of characteristics. However, all originate from the same magical plant. Together we can share in this opportunity to get to know her whilst meeting ourselves again.

Often, we find ourselves completely identified with the roles we play, the jobs we have and our never-ending list of to-dos. In addition, we can become unconsciously wrapped up by the people, places and things we cherish. Excess can easily take over and because of this we need to find simplici-tea. We need to return home to ourselves. When we are connected and open, we will more easily see that abundance is present.

Tea as a daily practice invites a profound, rare quietude with self. It allows you to slow down, luxuriate in each sip, and begin to find silence and stillness. Tea becomes the mirror that catalyzes deep reflection. It is a way to reconnect with your senses and draw the awareness back inside.

You will notice thoughts, emotions, and sensations as you sit with tea. This is the practice! As a result, you will witness yourself more fully. It is not always glamorous and peaceful; however, the tea will continuously invite you to cleanse and start again. Moreover, the tea will softly encourage you to welcome it all, as well as to pause and let go lovingly.

Tea becomes the tea-cher. The word “tea” being in “teacher” will  not surprise one after many tea sits and it is a beauty-full synchronistic pun that now makes me smile widely. The tea illuminates the wisdom of the leaves and the water. In addition, it reminds us of all the teachers we have been blessed with including nature, life, ancestors, and the Great Teacher within. Above all, the tea allows us to sip and float in our ocean of truth, lessons, and intuition.

The practice of tea is like a warm shower, a clearing that wipes off the muck and polishes the mirror so that we can see from our truest selves. We experience a merging of rivers that leaves us feeling renewed when we center our awareness on tea, presence, and breath.

So join me on January 12th at 8:00 am for a tea meditation and ceremony. During the sit, you will mindfully arrive to your breath, sit with Camellia Sinensis and create an intention that aligns with your highest vibration. You will have an opportunity to identify what you are calling in, to recognize what you are grateful for, and commit to presence.

Come sip with me and learn from the way of tea. Feel for yourself what this practice offers. Come home.