Featured Teacher : Robin Duryea

We’re excited to feature Robin and dig a little deeper into her practice and teaching philosophy with some Q&A.

Robin walked into her first yoga class in 1999. Ever since, she has had a steady and deep practice working with some of the most renowned teachers in San Francisco. Robin’s understanding of yoga has taken her to a place she continues to love, explore, and share. In seeing the possibilities of the body, we can see the possibilities that lie beyond.

1) Tell us about yourself! What was your first job? Any fun hobbies or personal interests? 

I love art, music, and travel. I spend my free time playing guitar or planning my next getaway to visit friends, nature, or personal time.

2) How did you become interested in becoming a yoga teacher? 

I became interested in teaching yoga not so much by choice, I’d say, rather a gentle push into it from the universe. I had been practicing for over 10 years before I participated in my first teaching training so I’d say between that, my continued studies thereafter and a series of life events the path of teaching became very clear.

3) What style(s) of yoga do you offer? Can you explain what makes this style unique?

My style of yoga is very much a modern practice with traditional roots. I love an inspiring, challenging, uplifting class that’s sweaty and fluid with a good playlist to back it. That being said I place a lot of emphasis on the breath, the texts, and the 8 limbs to keep my classes grounded and well intended.

I think what makes my classes unique is my ability to blend the old and new. To consider, cultivate, and utilize these ancient teachings and practices to create effective and applicable changes to our daily modern lives.


5) What do you feel makes a really good yoga class?

Yoga has a strong ability to connect and create community so I like to walk away with a sense of remembrance – that we’re all in this together. I like to offer yoga classes that feels safe, challenging, inspiring, honest, rooted, and communal.

6) What is your favorite yoga pose?

My favorite yoga pose currently is meditation. Health starts in the mind so it’s imperative that we not only be curious about our bodies but our minds as well. When we gives ourselves moments of silence and reflection we become better equipped to see things more clearly, lessening our judgements and criticisms, thus fostering integration and connection.

We hope you are equally as inspired by Robin as much as we are!

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