Featured Teacher: Rebecca Rose Mayne

rebecca rose mayne yoga teacher yoga garden sf lead teacher trainer and prenatal yoga reverse warrior
Hi Rebecca! Can you share with us about where are you from? What were you like as a kiddo? 
​I was born in San Francisco, and raised primarily in Marin County.

​As a kid, I tried my hand at EVERYTHING, but I have two older brothers, so I spent a lot of my social time playing sports and being outside. My brothers and I weren’t really allowed to watch TV (we had to sneak around to watch some good old MTV music videos, remember those?!), so I’d love getting lost in a good book, painting, or totally rearranging my room. Not much has changed!​

How did you get started teaching yoga in San Francisco? 
​After living in Colorado, I moved home to California, and primarily started to teach in Marin, but quickly expanded my subbing availability to San Francisco because that seemed so much more exciting as a recent college grad! I met some of my closest friends at that little power yoga studio in Cow Hollow​. So although the fast, loud, rigorous flow that was required to teach there is a far cry from what I now teach, I have a soft spot for that sweat factory.

What is one of your hidden talents?
​I’m not THAT bad at singing lullabies to my kiddos (Beatles, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Ayla Nyero)​…

What wisdom do you most want to transmit to your students?
​Oh, gosh, there’s so much in this question!  We talk about “wisdom” and “yoga” as these umbrella terms that are, in fact, so mutlifacited–there are multitudes of expressions of both, all true. So, I could gift anything to my students, it would be the HOW, the methodologies of discovering the wisdom and yoga that is useful for them. For example, some people need to learn how to activate, some people need to learn how to chill out; everyone needs growth in a different capacity.  Discerning what/where that evolution needs to take place and how to nurture in a focused yet soulful way first requires the wisdom of self-awareness.

Who is your hero/heroine? 
No one in particular, but rather by how many ways there are to be an inspiring, strong and feminist woman. I get different qualities of inspiration ranging from soft-spoken and nurturing to clear-cut and driven. I’m taking notes on it all!

rebecca rose mayne yoga teacher yoga garden sf lead teacher trainer fit mom trail runnerWhat still excites you and keeps you inspired to teach and share this practice with students?
​Yoga is so alive! My excitement for it evolves with me, almost for me. Whatever is taking the foreground in my life, yoga rises up to meet and support that. Right now, yoga supports me in two ways: 1. As a trail runner cross training (which can look like a strong and stabilizing practice and restorative to help me recover). 2.​ As a busy mother knowing the necessity of feeling her heart and soul by pausing the busy.

What is your spirit animal?
​Dolphin. Or gazelle.​

What shifts once you first unroll and step on your mat?
​I think I take a bit longer than this to settle in, but I believe this is it–I just settle in: into my breath, body, heart.

If you didn’t teach yoga, what else would you do?
​How far back am I rewriting my story, here? How huge of a leap does this question permit? 😉

In all seriousness, I’m still pretty young, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a refashioning ​of my yoga teaching career that builds upon the plethora of skills that we must all develop to be successful in this space.

What’s your finest advice for a new teacher?
​Say yes to all classes, inconvenient times and places and all–experience is golden. Don’t just say something because you heard another teacher say it. Know why your saying it, and find your own way of articulating it.

What do you have in the pipeline? Are you working on any exciting projects? 
​Ooo…this is a good one, but I tend to not share too much until I’m close to launching…​

Where can we connect with you off the mat?
​IG: @RebeccaMayneYogarebeccamayneyoga.com​ or ​YogaInternational.com (for when you are traveling and can’t make it to class at YGSF!)

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