Europa (Ro) Grace

Europa (Ro) Grace (they/them) is a mixed-race Black, Queer, non-binary Trans Yoga educator and artist, currently living in Oakland (unceded Huichin, Chochenyo Ohlone land). Ro has been teaching for over 10 years and currently leads 200hr Teacher Trainings, 300hr Philosophy Module and is the creator of Intersectional Yoga Teaching Module within the Trauma Informed Teacher Training at Folk SF. Dedicated to continued learning and honoring the roots of Yoga, Ro’s work as a Yoga Teacher Trainer and Cultural Competency Consultant manifests at the intersection of spiritual, somatic and social. As a Justice facilitator they work with wellness and arts organizations to dismantle white supremacy culture and oppression. Europa’s creative projects explore the healing potential of re-associating the dissociated and displaced body-mind using cello, voice, and embodiment. europagrace.com