Thank You For Joining Us On Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Benefit Update

If you joined us on Thanksgiving with either your practice or your donation we would simply like to say thank you!

Between 34 generous students and 3 generous instructors who donated their time, we were able to raise $822 for the Tilden Keller Family Community Center which sponsors 1,600 children in Bawana, India. They are soon on the way to sponsoring an extraordinary number of 3,000 children, to which your donation was able to contribute.

We would also like to thank FarmBox SF for their fresh produce donation to each of the attendees in class along with a 50% donation of all Thanksgiving orders to Children International. It is the generosity of our community: students, teachers, and small businesses, that inspires us. Thank you for allowing us to give back.


To learn more about the Tilden Keller Family Community Center, click here.