A Heartfelt Thank You Letter from a Graduate


A thank you letter from a graduate of our 200 Hour Teacher Training program

“My month immersion training was an incredible experience for me. It was of course a struggle to get through the entire month and complete all the requirements — none of which was a surprise, but nonetheless it was hard. I had expected to face challenges on many different levels: confronting the limits of my own practice, keeping up with the workload, pushing through my fatigue, and the practical challenges of essentially stepping out of my life as “Mom” for 28 days. I faced those challenges as well as a few surprises; ultimately it all came together.

I knew I would be engaging with a powerful community of practitioners, and I have been so impressed and amazed by the talents and skills and attitudes of yourselves and of all the teachers, staff, and my fellow students in the 200-hour trainings. All beautiful souls who I am humbled to have met and observed, experienced, and shared time and practice with, and learned so much from.

My Yoga Garden diploma is a treasure to me and I will hold it close.

Ultimately what I want to say is how deeply grateful I am. Not even just for the fact that I was the one who got to do this, this time, but really for the fact that you do it at all. The specialness of that is not lost on me.

Yoga Garden is truly special. I saw it right from the start — the enchanting garden path, the exquisite attention to detail in all things, the way people in the studio look in your eyes and not through you. But what I really didn’t quite expect to discover was that this dedication to authenticity and to compassion and to truth is reflected in every level of what you are doing. The very foundations of this training are about — besides skill and courage and devotion and attentiveness — are about total transparency and stark truthfulness. This was the incredible gem, totally unexpected, that I found by the end of my 28-day immersion.

Yoga Garden SF is a truly beautiful place and culture and practice and community and ethos. Thank you for making that available to me. I learned a lot about yoga, but so much more also about so many other things.

I do not know if, when, or how “Biodynamic Yoga” will or could or should take further form beyond the ideas in my head and what I was able to formulate during my 200-hour training. But what I am able ever to bring into manifestation, I dedicate to the two of you, in thanks for that gift — 28 days in your incredible world.

I am truly grateful.”

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