Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Learn how to practice and teach Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) with detailed anatomy and informed verbal cues to help you and your students enter and exit with safe alignment.

Sanskrit name: Utthita Trikonasana

English translation: Extended Triangle Pose

About the Pose

  • Asymmetrical standing pose with focus on equally lengthening the side bodies (lateral awareness)
  • Is more about straight lines than curves: find the triangles!
  • Teaches axial extension in a complex pose
  • Helps student sense many directions (lines of energy and dynamic tensions) at the same time

triangle pose trikonasana

Instructions from Tadasana

  1. Step or jump your feet wide.
  2. Pivot in your left foot; turn out your right foot 90 degrees.
  3. Press into your outer left heel. Reach your right hand to the floor and left hand to the ceiling.
  4. Press into your inner right foot. Turn your right thigh outward.
  5. Press into your outer left heel. Turn your left thigh outward.
  6. Reach your arms apart.
  7. Turn your navel and chest upwards. Gaze up at your top thumb.
  8. To exit the first side: Press into your outer left heel. Pull up with your top arm to come to standing. Turn your feet forward.
  9. Repeat on the second side.
  10. To exit the pose: Press into your outer right heel. Pull up with your top arm to come to standing. Turn your feet forward. Step or jump your feet and hands to Tadasana.

Watch For

  • Collapsing back leg and or laterally curved spine. Modification: Elevate the hand with a block or chair.
  • Locked knee versus straight leg


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