What does the MOXIE/Yoga Garden merger mean for you?

We appreciate you! MOXIE Yoga officially merged with Yoga Garden on Tuesday, March 1st. Our team is working hard behind the scenes to create a smooth transition as well as build out more offerings including expanded class schedules, workshops, and yoga teacher training! 

Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. That said, there may be some unforeseen bumps along the way – we kindly ask for your patience and understanding. In the meantime, if you have questions or wish to provide feedback, please use this schedule/merger feedback form.


This blog post will be updated as there is information to share and community feedback is provided.  Check-in with this post, and use it as a support resource throughout the merger process.

Topics Addressed in this Post

  • Account Management
  • Rates
  • Schedule
  • Class/Workshop Registration
  • ClassPass
  • Locations
  • Offerings
  • Communications
  • In-Person Policies

Account Management

  • When will my MOXIE account information be transferred?
    • Your MOXIE WellnessLiving account including passes and membership was migrated to Union.fit and viewable in your account on Friday (2/25). If you’re still unable to view your passes and membership, contact Union support through the purple chat bot on the bottom right hand corner.
  • How do I create my Union.fit account?
    • Also, on Friday (2/25), you should have been invited to claim your Yoga Garden SF Union account by creating a username and password. Alternatively, you can create your Union account here. If you already have a Union account with proof of vaccination of file, you’re good to go!
  • How do I upload proof of vaccination to my Union account in order to pre-register?
    • Advanced class registration and proof of vaccination is required for in-person studio classes. To submit proof of vaccination:
      • Log into your Union account
      • Click My Account (upper right corner)
      • Select VaxGuard (bottom of drop-down menu)
      • Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your vaccination status to be confirmed.
  • Who should I contact with Union account issues?
    • If you have any trouble with your account, contact Union customer support (purple chat bot).
  • What happens to my MOXIE gift card?
    • Gift cards purchased from Yoga Garden and MOXIE will continue to be honored.


  • Are we continuing to honor the most recent MOXIE rates and unlimited monthly membership prices?
    • Anything that you bought at MOXIE will be transferred to your Union Yoga Garden SF account. 
    • Current memberships will continue including charter memberships – these will be referred to as MOXIE Legacy Memberships in your Union account. 
    • Some MOXIE passes will be discontinued. Passes will be offered at prevailing Yoga Garden SF rates.
    • Yoga Garden offers great membership discounts throughout the year to meet a variety of use levels, and we are sure that we can find the right membership option for you.


  • How are the current schedules changing?
    • We are working to add more classes to each location, and first focusing our efforts on locations that have the lightest schedules. We invite you to take our Community Scheduling Survey to help us be of service to you.
  • How can I filter the Union schedule by location, teacher, and experience type (in-person vs. zoom)?
    • On our Class Schedule page, there are 9 schedule views: one for each of our seven locations, one for all locations, and one for Online classes available via livestream and Zoom.
    • On the Union schedule page, there are 4 drop-down filters on the menu. Please use these to filter based on your preferences. You can also type any relevant term in the Search box where it says “Search Yoga Garden SF upcoming…”
  • how to filter schedule in union

Class/Workshop Registration

  • Are walk-ins still accepted?
    • Effective March 1, no location will accept walk-ins due to COVID precautions. We require advanced registration and proof of vaccination through Union. **Please allow 24 hours for your vaccination documents to be approved before you make a reservation.
  • How do I register for yoga classes, workshops, or yoga teacher training?
    • All yoga classes at any of our seven locations require reservations in advance of arriving at the studio. You can easily register for class through Union.fit either on their website or through their mobile app!  Apple / Unfortunately there is no Android app at this time.
    • You can also register for yoga workshops and yoga teacher training through Union.fit.
      • If you have questions about workshops and trainings, connect with our Advanced Studies Manager, Cristina Bacca. Think of her as your yoga education guidance counselor, she’s the best! You can reserve time on her calendar here.


  • Will I still be able to book through ClassPass?
    • No. As of March 1st, ClassPass (and Gympass) are discontinued, because these platforms do not integrate with our booking software (Union). Yoga garden will continue to offer regular membership discounts and promotions. Make sure you’re subscribed to “Exclusive Offers and Promotions” emails and follow us on Instagram @YogaGardenSF to see deals first!


  • Do I have access to all seven locations? 
    • Yes, memberships, passes, and gift cards are honored and welcomed at all locations.


  • What class styles will be offered?
    • All studios will now offer a diversity of classes. MOXIE Method will come to Yoga Garden and visa-versa. We will continue to diversify our schedule at all locations, so a variety of classes and populations are served.
  • Will we still have access to the MOXIE video library?
    • Yes, you will continue to have access to these videos for now. Eventually some of these videos will be migrated over to our Replay Library in Union.


  • How can I stay up-to-date on merger news, offerings, and community?
    • Email: When your Union profile is created you will automatically be opted-in to all Yoga Garden communications. At the bottom of each email there is the option to “Edit your email preferences.” This link allows you to choose what communications you’d like to receive from us.
    • Instagram: We will also be sharing merger news and exclusive content on our Instagram @YogaGardenSF. Make sure to follow along!
  • What types of emails can I expect & how frequently?
    • Account Management/Merger News: This is required and cannot be unsubscribed. Notices about your account status, payments, and purchase confirmations. You can manage your notifications from Union.fit by visiting their website or using the app.
    • The Garden Gazette: Our bi-monthly community newsletter. We recommend keeping this since it’s a nice mash-up of events, schedule updates, specials, and musings from our teachers, staff, and students.
    • Monthly Events: Once a month preview of upcoming trainings, workshops, and special events.
    • Exclusive Offers and Promotions: We offer a Free Replay of the Week from our Replay Library with (1200+ classes). Additionally, once or twice a quarter, we offer membership discounts. 

In-Person Policies

  • Advanced class registration and proof of vaccination is required for in-person studio classes.
    • You can reserve classes in Union by visiting their website or using the app. Apple / Android
    • To submit proof of vaccination:
      • Log into your Union account
      • Click My Account (upper right corner)
      • Select VaxGuard (bottom of drop-down menu)
      • Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your vaccination status to be confirmed
  • Bring your own mat to class; mat rentals are currently suspended.
  • Reservations can be canceled up to 12 hours before class start time.
  • Studio doors are locked 5 minutes before class begins.

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