Words of Wisdom

Meredith joins us on the blog today to share her thoughts on courage during this time of crisis.

I keep coming back to the words and wisdom of the great Irish poet David Whyte. He talks about the word courage and how it has an association with some grand gesture outside of ourselves- one that is often witnessed by and celebrated by the public. However, he reminds us that the root of the word, “cor,” invites us back to the heart.

We are being asked to stay home, to quarantine, and to isolate. For some, this can seem daunting, scary, and lonely- especially if you live by yourself or are not use to the slow, quiet pace.

Yet we are also being invited to go within and into our interior landscape.

We are being asked to reflect and answer: “what is important?” and “who is important” and “how do I want to show up and engage with the world?”

These times are uncertain and we are going to lose a lot of people. It’s my hope that we individually & collectively take this time to clarify our values and to realign with ourselves. Maybe it’s a chance to evolve humanity and certainly an opportunity to know ourselves more intimately.

Either way, it’s time to be courageous.

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