Words of Wisdom

From Martine Hamers

The Coronavirus and how this is being handled are both external influences that are impacting our lives.

We may not like it or it may be a welcome change to the busy-ness and travel of day-to-day life. Whatever end of the spectrum you are on, right now we are being forced to turn inwards- literally into our homes and with that into our bodies and mind.

This can result in worries, stress, and anxiety around paying bills, how to work and take care of your child, and/or how to stay safe (mentally and physically). Allow all that you are feeling to be there, but also realize that they are temporary and not you.

If we get too caught up in the stress and anxiety it takes over and their role becomes bigger than it should be. It takes away from your ability to be present and to problem solve. If we are not allowing these feelings to be there because we have labeled them as bad and/or negative, then we steal away the opportunity to be heard and seen. And when we don’t show up and listen, they will only get louder.

So, my advice is to acknowledge what is there and potentially take it with you in your meditation/yoga practice so you can breathe with it, move with it, and allow it to be heard and seen – while at the same time, letting go of the attachment to it.

It is not you, it does not define you.

Keep on showing up for the practice, be curious about what you’re experiencing, notice how the breath and the sensations of your body changes, and take all of that valuable information with you as tools to recognize when you need to take a deep breath in and return to the present moment.