Workout From Home

workout from home

Stay in, be well, and workout from home.

Workout from home and workout often. If you are fortunate enough to have work during this time, you might be feeling more physically cramped than ever. Sitting over a computer screen and then Zooming with friends & family all day can be taxing on the body and mind. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to move your body and to move it often.

More consistent routine

Before being sequestered it was easier to have a schedule. It was almost built into our daily lives. You wake up, take a shower, go to the yoga studio, head to work, go for a run, make dinner, and wind down. However, now it takes a bit more discipline and practice to create and follow a schedule. Give it a try! Write a daily schedule, hang it up in your room, and tell a friend or colleague what your schedule is. Practice it and don’t give up. It might be a challenge to get started, as it’s a new practice for many. Be gentle on yourself as you explore what works best for you. Know that you can adjust and keep adjusting until you find something consistent that grounds you.

More frequent, dynamic movement

There is a lot of collective fear and anxiety right now, and that can result in body tension and fatigue. There is a lot to process and digest, and strong physical movement is one way to keep the body healthy, fluid, and resilient. Keep your energy up by working out from home two or even three times per day. Diversify and mix it up! The Yoga Garden SF schedule is diverse and has many high-intensity options. Build heat and practice Power Yoga with Martine Hamers or Roy Gan. Strengthen and practice Yoga Sculpt with Angelique Alvarez or Mairin McCracken.

More nourishing, intentional rest

It’s important to move your body and to move it often right now. However, it is also important to unplug and intentionally rest and re-set. This will keep your nervous and immune systems calm and in balance so that they can support you right now. Start your morning with Meditation and Yoga with Meredith Holt or end your day with Yin and Restorative Yoga with Ally Devi or Stacey Swan. We are being asked globally to go inside and what we find there is the heart. Let’s take this time to collectively pause and realign with what is truly important.

More collective reflection

Sankalpa is a yoga practice of setting intentions or honoring your deep heart longing. It seems like a long time ago that there were once an abundant of choices and opportunities to get distracted by. Now we are limited in where we can go, who we can be with, and how to spend our time. It’s an invitation to turn inwards and to really, really listen to the wisdom of your heart. Practices like meditation, yoga nidra, restorative, and yin guide you to this place of stillness, where you can start to refine the ways you show up in the world.

Be well, practice often, and invite your friends!