WORKSHOP Ayurvedic Eating

Back to Balance:

Ayurvedic Eating for Balance and Health

with Holly Zoffoli

ayurveda diet After the holidays, we may experience a let down, combined with the incentive to find balance for the new year. Back to Balance is a workshop steeped in the teachings of Ayurveda while also giving consideration to our busy modern lifestyles.


By using Ayurveda, the ancient science of longevity, discover how to find the right diet and lifestyle adjustments to support your unique constitution. Maximize your body’s own natural potential to manage weight, build healthy muscle tissue, improve digestions and maintain your youthful, healthy body. You may never have to “diet” again!

The class will include:

    • Dosha test
    • Intro to Ayurveda
    • Discussion of disease pathways
    • Understanding why digestion is an important key to lasting health
    • Understand the qualities of food & relationship to rajas, tamas & sattva
    • How to eat your way back to balance
    • Accessible lifestyle tips to support your Dosha
    • The Ayurvedic importance of ghee, and how to make your own!


What is Ayurveda? Some people call it the fountain of youth. Join us to learn how this ancient wisdom applies to you and all that you do!

Tuition is $90, or $75 if you enroll on or before 1/1.

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This course provides 3.5 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF 500 and/or 3.5 Yoga Alliance® CEUs

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Holly Zofolli

Holly is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist & Licensed Esthetician. Following her curiosity about the natural world led her to begin Holistic Health studies in 1991.
Having experienced chronic and severe back pain as a result of multiple car accidents and the discovery that she has scoliosis led her to a deep understanding about the human body, it’s ability to repair itself, adapt & transform. She enjoys using herbs, oils, dance, nature hikes and martial arts to keep herself in balance. Holly is sensitive to the magical mysteries & subtle energies that surround us and is passionate about using her intuitive gifts and the wisdom that has been passed to her to share with others along their healing journey.