Workshop: Breaking Free of Old Habits


Do you want to start the New Year with the tools to create different, healthy habits?

Do you feel trapped in unhealthy patterns? You know it’s unhealthy, but you watch yourself do it over and over again?

Join Chase Bossart, founder of Yoga Well Institute as he unravels the teachings of  the Yogasūtras. Daily practices that can unlock the chains of old patterns and set us on a path to living the life you want to live.

Yoga promises a fulfilling life – a life with direction, purpose and balance. The real power of yoga is expressed through our relationship with ourselves and others. When your relationships are working, your yoga is working! This is the purpose of practice.

In this workshop, you will learn:

• How to realize your unhealthy patterns

• How to unlock the chains of bad patterning

• What yoga tools can help bring positive change

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*Tuition is $40 or $35 by January 5th. Earn 2 CEUs by attending this course.


About Chase Bossartt:

Chase has been studying yoga as a personal student of Mr. TKV Desikachar since 1991. He has made numerous trips to Chennai to study at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) with Mr. Desikachar, his son Kausthub and other long time teachers in this tradition. Altogether he’s spent more than four years in Chennai studying Yoga. Proficient in many of aspects of yoga, Chase travels frequently around the country giving workshops and trainings on a wide array of topics including prāṇāyāma, meditation and yoga philosophy. He is particularly drawn to the classical teachings of Patañjali’s Yogasūtra.

Chase absolutely loves to lead experiential workshops that demonstrate yoga philosophy’s practical applications in daily life. His warm, funny and engaging teaching style appeals to every level of yoga practitioner from beginner to advanced, and his seminars in the US and Europe are enthusiastically received. Visit Chase’s website here.