WORKSHOP Prenatal Bonding and Yoga

Develop Mind / Body / Baby Communication for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth

with Gabbriella Yates and Phyllis Klaus


pregnant reflectiveWhen a woman is attuned with her pregnant body, she is bonding with her baby and sending the message that she is present.This presence will help build trust in the birthing process and foster a dynamic bond between mother and child.

In this workshop, learn:

  • Skills to facilitate prenatal mind/body communication between mother and baby to help prevent a traumatic or negative birth. Resolve trauma from a previous pregnancy, miscarriage, or still birth.
  • A yoga sequence to help a woman attune with her pregnant body, learn to listen to its messages and cultivate trust and courage for birth and mothering.
  • To recognize and reduce symptoms such as vomiting, bleeding, early contractions, and a breech baby- and how they might be tied to unresolved issues in a women’s life such as domestic violence or sexual abuse.
  • Useful scripts for yoga teachers and health care practitioners to engage mothers in dialogue around pregnancy and bonding, as well as how to foster community to reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Groundbreaking new research studies that link prenatal bonding to a reduction in postpartum depression and to thriving in motherhood.

prenatal bonding and yoga

This workshop is designed especially for birth practitioners, prenatal yoga teachers, and pregnant women.

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This course provides 8 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF500 and/or 8 Yoga Alliance CEUs. For more about our 300 Hour Teacher Training CLICK HERE

Tuition for Prenatal Bonding and Yoga workshop is $175, or $150 when you register on or before November 20.
Members receive a 10% discount.  YGSF200 Alumni receive a 15% discount.
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Gabbriella Yates is a certified yoga instructor and holds a master’s degree in Conflict Transformation. Previous to moving to San Francisco and becoming a mother she worked in the post-conflict field in Kosovo and Afghanistan as a dialogue consultant, facilitating conflict resolution workshops that integrated yoga as a healing tool. Gabbriella teaches prenatal, Restorative and mom & baby yoga at the Yoga Garden of San Francisco and is known for her warm and precise teaching style. Her teaching is based upon over 15 years study of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga.


Phyllis Klaus, MFT, LCSW, has specialized in the perinatal period for 30 years. She consults nationally and internationally and is co-author of Bonding, Your Amazing Newborn, The Doula Book, and When Survivors Give Birth. Phillis is a pioneer in the field of mother/baby bonding who helped to change hospital birthing protocols worldwide. Her work has helped women to thrive during pregnancy by healing unresolved trauma in order to to prevent a negative or traumatic birth.