Workshop: Roots of Hatha Yoga in Saiva Tantra

In this workshop, we will dig deeper into topics of mantra, guru, kuṇḍalinī, and the extraordinary non-dual view of reality preserved in the Śaiva Tantra of Kashmir.

Workshop Info:

Instructor: Brooke Stokes

August 1, 2015 12:30PM-3:30PM

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The yoga we practice has roots in several Indian traditions, most prominently the late medieval Haṭha Yoga tradition, which grew out of the vast medieval traditions called Tantra. Understanding some of the belief systems and core practices of Tantra can help us to deepen our own practice towarda a rich and nourishing spiritual practice.

In this workshop, we will look at the most fertile period of yoga’s development in India, exploring how the physical and energetic focus of Haṭha Yoga grew out of the rich philosophical and experiential soil of Tantric ritual process. Topics include mantra, guru, kuṇḍalinī, and the extraordinary non-dual view of reality preserved in the Śaiva Tantra of Kashmir.

Experience in yoga āsana and meditation helpful, but precocious beginners welcome.

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About Brooke Stokes:

Brooke began studying yoga in 2003 as a freshman in college. She started her practice in hot yoga and Bikram, and received her 500 HR RYT in this method in 2009. Immediately after, she was introduced to Anusara Yoga through a dear friend, and she focused her studies in this method with her teacher, Christina Sell. Brooke continues to study with Christina, and is also deeply influenced by the teachings of George Purvis and Douglas Brooks.

She is currently enrolled in graduate school through the California Institute of Integral Studies, studying to receive an MA in Women’s Spirituality. An integral part of what she brings to her classes, this program is supported by traditional academic research and scholarship in philosophy and religion that also draws from the many grassroots women’s, social justice and ecological movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It explores spiritual and religious traditions in which the experiences of women are both immanent and transcendent, earth-and-sky embedded, and embodied in the web of being.

Brooke is a student of yoga, of philosophy, and of life. She is passionate about the path of study and practice, and lovingly encourages her students to try new things, to have fun and play hard, and to get a little “uncomfortable” sometimes and to be receptive to what arises. Brooke’s classes are playful, clever, and challenging; they’re athletic, spiritual, and therapeutic.