YGSF Member Ryan Shares His Livestream Experience

Ryan has been a member of Yoga Garden SF for nearly five years. Today we checked in to see how he’s doing and what he thinks about Livestream Yoga Garden SF. Here’s what he had to say:

What has been your experience with the Yoga Garden SF Livestream classes?

The livestream classes through YGSF have been a serious bright spot during these strange times. They’ve not only helped me maintain some sort of routine, but they’ve been a great way to break a sweat and stay centered right from my bedroom.

What has it meant to you to have Yoga Garden SF classes & teachers Livestreamed to your home during this time of isolation?

Sure, there are countless yoga videos out there on YouTube, but it’s just not the same as hearing the familiar voices of your favorite teachers. Logging into the livestreams and interacting with my Yoga Garden community, even through a computer screen, is amazingly helpful in maintaining my sanity.

How has your yoga practice served you during this time of uncertainty?

Yoga is always a way for me to stay grounded, and that’s especially true now. Working from home has been hectic and it’s been really hard to unplug. But knowing my mat is waiting for me and there’s a group of friends and teachers spread out across the city supporting each other…it’s been pretty special to experience.

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