THE YOGA ANATOMY LAB: Shoulder Girdle and Upper Extremity

with Gabbriella Yates and Paula Gelbart

shoulder girdleThe shoulder girdle affords us considerable movement so that we may move our arms without effort or thought. It shares muscles with the neck and thoracic spine, serves as a storage space for our stress, and allows us to grab, reach, pull and carry on a daily basis.

Most of us take our shoulders for granted. Some of us have difficulties controlling what it should do. Others participate in a limited way in yoga and other activities because of an injury. The shoulder girdle is wonderfully designed for mobility more than stability. Finding the correct shoulder alignment for the simplest of yoga poses can be elusive because of the high potentiality for mobility.

Further risk of injury increases when exercise involves repetitive weight bearing through the arms and when one has not learned how to stabilize the shoulder joint properly. An informed and diligent focus on shoulder alignment can transform a potentially vulnerable joint into a cornerstone of stability for a sustainable long term yoga practice.Come join Physical Therapist Paula Gelbart and Gabby Yates for a fun and interactive workshop to learn the key functions of your shoulder girdle in order to:

  • Increase freedom of movement.
  • Build balanced strength for stability.
  • Cultivate ease where there is tension.
  • Modify when and wherever necessary.
  • Learn tricks and tips to help your progress your practice.

This workshop will include a therapeutic practice, an interactive lecture and a challenging practice with inversions to put what we learned into action. This workshop is beneficial for both yoga students and teachers, those with injuries (current and past), new moms with “New Mommy Back,” those having difficulty progressing their yoga practice because of a “weaker upper body,” those wishing to improve their shoulder strength and stability in poses like plank, chaturanga, inversions, and how to fix common misalignments in basic yoga poses.

Tuition is $75, or $60 when you register on or before January 15.


This course provides 4 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF500 and/or 4 Yoga Alliance® CEUs
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Members receive a 10% discount.  YGSF200 Alumni receive a 15% discount.  Contact cynthia@folksf.com for details.


Gabbriella Yates

Gabbriella Yates is a certified yoga instructor and holds a master’s degree in Conflict Transformation. Previous to moving to San Francisco and becoming a mother she worked in the post-conflict field in Kosovo and Afghanistan as a dialogue consultant, facilitating conflict resolution workshops that integrated yoga as a healing tool. Gabbriella teaches prenatal, Restorative and mom & baby yoga at the Yoga Garden of San Francisco and is known for her warm and precise teaching style. Her teaching is based upon over 15 years study of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga.


Paula GelbartPaula Gelbart graduated in 2007 with her doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Mount St. Mary’s College, and completed her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of California Santa Barbara. She has her 200 hour yoga certification through YOGAMAZE under the direction of master instructor Noah Maze. She has additional certifications in Neurac (RedCord), Pilates, CranialSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and is currently completing an advance 500 hour yoga certification with YOGAMAZE.
She is the owner of Align Physical Therapy in West Hollywood, and also has clinical hours at Postureworks in Santa Monica, CA. She is the former instructor of Anatomy and Movement Fundamentals for the Pilates certification curriculum at Core Conditioning and was their assistant clinical coordinator. She currently teaches yoga at Kor Fitness gym in West Hollywood and privately through her clinic.